For the last 22 years I have dedicated my life to serving as a law enforcement officer. I have done so with the deep values my parents instilled into me. My wife and I are lifelong residents of Cleveland County, and this is where we choose to raise our children. Being from rural Cleveland County, living outside of Moore for the last 10 years, and being a Lieutenant with the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office gives me a unique edge. I have been in constant contact with people from all over Cleveland County, and I hear what our great citizens, from south Oklahoma City all the way to east of Lexington, want from their Sheriff.

As your Sheriff, I will continue with the Mission, Vision, and Values that started moving the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office in the direction of being the best in the state. I have tried to live by these values throughout my career, and they are what attracted me to the Sheriff’s Office. Those values are Integrity, Transparency, Relationships, Humility, and Innovation. By continuing to operate with these values in mind the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office will:

LEAD THE WAY in Safety and Security for all of Cleveland County.

I plan to increase manpower in the patrol division using the current resources. Not only will this decrease response times for our citizens, but it will also decrease the response time for backing deputies. Our county is the third largest in the State of Oklahoma. The small number of current patrol deputies per shift sometimes means that the backing deputy is far away. My plan will alleviate this problem, ensuring the safety of our deputies.

In 2019 I created an IMPACT Team for the Sheriff’s Office. As your Sheriff, I plan to make this team full time. The IMPACT Team targets high crime areas throughout all of Cleveland County and collects intelligence related to the criminal activity and safety of our citizens. Another component of this team will be an Intelligence Deputy who will analyze data received from the IMPACT Team, Patrol Division, Detention Division, and outside agencies. This will help us in combating threats to the safety and security of our citizens and their property.

Our county is more familiar than most with natural disasters and devastation by fire, storms, and floods. I will devise a task force made up of the three Cleveland County Commissioners, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, and local public works to prepare a ‘Response Plan’ rather than a ‘Reaction Plan’. I have discussed this plan with both former Sheriff Todd Gibson and Commissioner Darry Stacy, and I am excited to bring it full circle.

LEAD THE WAY in Detention Diversion.

Did you know that because of the programs we offer at the F. DeWayne Beggs Detention Center, we have had agencies and organizations from all over the country tour our facility? We are quickly setting the bar for detention diversion. We offer mental health programs, GED classes, religious and spiritual programs, and have developed a “Reset” area for those who truly want to change their lives. In the next few months, we will be offering both male and female “Reset” areas. I have worked diligently with our programs coordinator to find a location in the detention center to make it a more efficient program. By working with these individuals to provide them with opportunities they didn’t have otherwise, we can truly make a difference.

LEAD THE WAY in Training and Equipment.

As your Sheriff, The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office will be the best-trained agency in the state. I will work with citizens and commissioners on designing and building a training center. The Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office will be a place that others will want to come for their training.

Law enforcement agencies cannot afford to become complacent with equipment. Everything from the vehicles driven by deputies to the computers used by dispatchers is crucial to protect and serve our county as well as maintain the safety of our deputies. The Sheriff’s Office has already begun the process of replacing old and worn out vehicles, uniforms, and other equipment. I will continue to provide our deputies with the most technologically advanced equipment available.

Doing these things will ensure that the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office is an agency where you can continue to put your faith and trust.

I look forward to serving you as Sheriff!

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